Time for a change

As a people photographer over the past years I have tried to shoot pretty much all genres. Besides portraits lately particularly sports, reportage and lifestyle.

But something was always missing: soul.

In the end the images only were trivial, soulless and exchangable copies of what I’ve seen with others and of which I thought „I should also do this“ just to offer these to as many clients as possible.
By doing so I above all ignored one thing: My inner voice. And so also my own consequence.

When I returned to L.A. last fall I especially wanted to leave my comfort zone, to finally find myself again.
I had the idea of shooting a motel series. After one model call and over 150 model applications this one email arrived which changed everything.

Kacy, I cannot thank you enough being brave enough sending me that email. And by doing so endowing me with an encounter that gave me exactly what I was searching for so long: soul.

Over the past months I received a lot of encouragement of by now for me very important and trusted friends, and positioned myself new behind the scenes.

As of now I will consequently do what really matters to me: Telling stories.

My first series „TGirl“ is now online on my website – and I am looking very much forward to all upcoming plans!



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